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About us

who we are

Naturz Organics is a wholesaler and producer of 100% Organic Ingredients in Food Products. We value our close cooperation with farmers and producers worldwide to be able to offer high quality products. With our knowledge and experience we strive to meet the needs of our customers.

Founding and History
Naturz Organics was founded in 2007 by a specialist in pesticide control in the Organic field. He noticed that the demand for reliable Organic Products worldwide started increasing. This insight combined with his long-term experience in the Organic Food Market lead to the founding of Naturz Organics. Over the years several offices and warehouses have been opened in different continents as a response to the growing worldwide demand. 

Our Mission
Naturz Organics feels responsible for contributing to the supply of high quality ingredients as the awareness of the importance of pesticide-free nutrition is increasing to the benefit of Consumers, Farmers and Environment. By creating long-term relationships with our local farmers and producers we want to be part of the creation of a more sustainable future for all stakeholders in our value chain.

Meet our team

As our offices are situated all over the world in different continents we combine different views on the worldwide market. We are all driven by the passion of delivering high quality Organic Food Ingredients to fulfil the needs of our customers.

Naturz Organics Europe

Eline van der Laak

Account Manager

Bram van Gestel

Account Manager

Kim van Duijnhoven

Account Manager

Audry van de Wassenberg

Sales Coordinator

Ester Verberne – van Otterdijk

Sales Coordinator

Nathalie Adriaans

Sales Coordinator

Kelly Korsten – Wilmsen

Quality Assurance Coordinator

Jochem Ugen

Quality Assurance Coordinator

Simon van Mierlo

Operations Manager

Akkie Nijland

Operations Coordinator

Roy van Diemen

General Manager

Inge van der Palen

Financial Administrator

Riza Mynyri


Mick Senders


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Our global team of experienced professionals is always ready to support you on any questions or enquiries.