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Our Services


We operate our own storage facilities worldwide, including ambient and conditioned storage for the temperature sensitive products.


Our experienced Logistics team is always able to offer various options of transport for our products to the preferred location globally.

We can also provide Customs Services for various options of transport, with our broad base of service providers we can arrange transport by: Courier, (Conditioned) Road-, Sea- or Airfreight.


We offer the possibility to create a mix of most of the ingredients in our portfolio and repack this into the requested packaging.
For example:

  • Powder mixtures including Fruit Powders and Proteins.
  • Mixtures of small and large grain sizes, including: Dried Fruit, Grains and Nuts.

Repacking & Filling

We provide Repacking & Filling Services for most of our products.
There are various options to repack from bulk to bulk into different types of packages like: Paper bags, Cans, Drums, IBCs and Big Bags.
Or repack from bulk into different types of consumer packages like: Aluminum Bags, Cups, Jars, Bottles, Stand-up & Block-bottom Pouches.

We can repack our products in small or large volumes based on your requirements. These services can include Packaging, Labeling, Sealing and other value added services on request. 


The product range of Food Ingredients and Feed Ingredients is already extensive but as we have a large supplier network globally we are also able to source products on your request. Feel free to contact us with any enquiry.

Feel free to contact us

Our global team of experienced professionals is always ready to support you on any questions or enquiries.